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  1. Maybe we have to be friends on facebook before you vote. Please add me. You know my name I think. After that you can vote under my photo what you can watch with that link: thank
  2. aaa! I've just logged in Facebook to help you, but I don't know where/how should I vote
  3. Hey!!! If you have facebook (and like me a little XD) please vote under my photo and let me go to the slovakian Offspring show! Thank you very much! And the link is:
  4. thank you very much I'm very happy now, cause I'm drunk a little, I had a party. And just can't wait the Offspring show It will be the best show in this year
  5. Happy birthday! May all your wishes come true And I wish you to come to as many Offspring shows as possible Hope you'll have great party today Once again, happy birthday!!!!!!!
  6. thank you I hope your 2009 will be as great as the calendar that you created
  7. Have a very nice 2009!!!
  8. Ok Ok Ok!!! Thank you, and Merry Christmas!!!!!
  9. Merry Christmas and keep making such great things like your Offspring calendar
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