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  1. Happy Birthday! Enjoy!
  2. have you ever been to it is fun
  3. That's good. I hope the changes prove to be positive ones. Remember: on this BBS, less is more.
  4. Well I just wanted to tell you that i know i was very obnoxious in the past but i listened to some of the advice given to me and i read a book called fighting invisible tigers and every aspect of my life has been changed by the two of those
  5. WHy am I off of your friends list?!
  6. Of all the advice people have given me on here IamSam came through for me. He got me mad at him only to keep it going until I started joking and going along with what he was saying. Genius isn't it?
  7. Click on the link button when you're posting, enter the link address and write the word 'here' (or anything else you want) between the two sets of square brackets that have the word URL in them.
  8. I had a question about links. How do people make it so their links will say the word "here" and when you click on it it will follow the link? I want to do that but I don't know how!
  9. Hey. I'd stay and chat, but it's half two in the morning here, so I need to get some sleep! Speak later.
  10. hi. i am soooooooooo bored
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