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  1. Hey there!
    Just saw your pics and vids, I envy you so much ! = D I bet you'll frame the one at the radio station!
    Tonight at Woodstock en Beauce it'll be a wet concert =S .Well, I'll really try bad to catch myself up at Saratoga Lake, NY. It's a 2h30 drive from me, nice roadtrip, and it's not pretty far from you also I guess!
  2. Aww, thanks - you're soo sweet! Sorry you can't go, that really sucks. Take care and we'll catch up soon!!
  3. Hey there !
    Tonight's the big night ! 02/07/09
    I wish ya' the time of your life! I was supposed to see the band on friday, but I've been victim of a transport problem, so I can't, so for this reason I want you to have fun for me also !

    Oh' and I hope for you they'll play KHWHD !
    Have fun! = o )
  4. Yeah I kinda agree... But' on the other had, in the conference final and cup final, it's always better when you've got the 2 ''best'' teams. But they' could do something like 1 vs 5, 2vs6... It would be more competitive.
    I would've picked San Jose at the beginning of the playoffs... I've been favoriting them for 2-3 years now... But now I hesitate beetween Pitsburgh, Boston (who'll probably win easily next round too) and Anaheim... Well, I'm probably wrong, I'm lame in making predictions
  5. Well I hate the way they put the worst team against the best team cause you already know who's going to win/lose. I think it's going to be between Boston and Detroit. I've always liked Detroit, (for an American team) so I hope they win. How about you?
  6. I've gotta admit that the more I watch the less I believe in them. This year they had no chances without Markov, Lang, Tanguay, etc, but some of the guys only play for their (HUGE) paycheck, without caring about giving their best to the average worker who pay big price for a pair of tickets. Anyways, I guess it's a little late to say that...
    Who do you think will win this year?
  7. Oh jeez, I hate to say it - but we're definitely out of it now. I thought for sure they were going to pull it off last night (knowing how HUGE of a game it was) but they didn't. Oh well - like we say every year......... there's always next year.
  8. Yeah, I watched the end of the game 'cause I missed the 1st period... = (
    Let's build for next year, we'll have 10 waivers I think this summer = P
  9. Haha, you know that's not going to happen. =(
  10. Hey!
    Thank's a lot, it's really nice to have thought of it =)
    As a present, I want the Habs to take over the Bruins :P
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