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  1. Yeah, I was up at 5.30am to start work! Ick. Still, it was a short shift today so not too bad. I totally know what you mean about Dexter, I've had a huuuuuge crush on him since I was 14!
  2. You must be just waking up... lol. I'm heading to bed soon, almost 1:30am here... hey, check out that video I posted in the sticky.. the interview... lmao... Dexter, fuck.. I want him so bad... lmao!!!!!
  3. Hehe, yeah. It'd be a huge commute just for band practice. Still, it'd be pretty cool if a band could be dotted all over the world and still get time to jam! Damn, I miss it!
  4. We should start out own band!! Haha.. mind you Scotland is pretty far away.. about an 8 hour flight I believe... lol. Oh well, hehehe. =)
  5. Haha, I always imagined them still rocking out when they're 70, lol.
    Well, I'm a drummer, hence the name Been playing for about 13 years now. Play a bit of guitar and bass, and just started learning piano. I try to sing but it's far from good!
  6. Hell no!! I didn't mean call it quits.. I mean dead and gone.. lol. I just do a bit of singing, nothing major. Yourself?
  7. I know, what a thought :S. I've been a fan of The Offspring longer than I've been a fan of any other band so it'll be a sad day when they call it quits. I'm determined to meet them before then though
    Are you musical yourself?
  8. Oh I hope so... lol. Mind you by the time they're my age, The Offspring will be dead and gone. But I know they like the music cause they dance and sing to it all the time... lol.
  9. I'm 24. No kids myself, and no plans for any at the moment! I do have 2 wonderful nieces who keep me active though. Mad as hatters. So are your girls going to be Offspring fans do you think?
  10. I agree totally. How old are you? Do you have any kids?
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