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  1. Still having trouble. I am not sure what it is now but I do know it is not popcorn.
  2. Good luck!
  3. It was my own fault. Never use a fork as floss. Important lesson! If you met Dex again what would you say? I am glad he didn't get all sucked up in fame and he said several times in interviews to him and other people he may be famous but he just wants to be a regular guy. I want to meet him and I might. Matt Kelly(Dropkick Murphies) is going to try to get him to meet me. I have known Matt and his brother Mike for ten years. I just talked to Mike last night.
  4. Feel better.
  5. Yeah, I thought I got popcorn stuck in my tooth so I used a fork to try to get it out(I know, bad idea, but the floss wasn't working) It turns out it is a wisdom tooth so all I did was tear apart my gums with a shiny metal object.
  6. Did he hug back? How did you get to meet him anyway? I am in pain right now.
  7. I asked him if he knew me, he said he did. He said he knew I was a big fan of his. Gave him a hug, got a pic. then we had to leave.
  8. What did you say to him and what did he say to you?
  9. He was a perfect gentleman. Very friendly, and very nice to me.
  10. Hey, I had a question. When you met Dexter, was he nice? I have gotten a couple responses.
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