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  1. Heya, thanks much! Gonna try to have a great one, though I'm getting on up there in age. Can't party like I used to.
  2. Happy BDAY Randy! Have a great day!
  3. Thanks Randy, but I'd rather wait and sit comfortably on my couch to watch it... lol. :P
  4. Heeeey. If you want to watch The Hangover, you can take a look at it on
  5. Awww, thanks Randy!! Have a great day and we'll catch up soon!! You're the bestest! xo
  6. Hey, Shanky-Doodle. I'm probably gonna be asleep for the rest of the day, so I wish that you have THE BEST TIME EVER tonight! I'll keep an eye out for the Toronto media thread.
  7. Yeah, been up since 7:30.. lol... git to bed mister! The girls have already had their baths, I've showered, and they're eating. Going to get groceries soon!!
  8. Damn. Have you gone to bed and woken up already? I really need to get off the computer.
  9. Heeeeeey, Shank. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I didn't realize your birthday was today.
  10. Heh, yeah I figured you must be working your butt off because I don't see you as much nowadays. Is it least tolerable? And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Aaliyah! Hope you ladies have fun. Haha, I've asked myself where the two years have gone quite often this year, for some reason. I guess the end of 2006 is when things started turning around for me (in a good way), and that time has flown by. Aaaanyway, I'm doing fine, same old, same old. Work is work.
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