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  1. Hahaha, that's great.
  2. it sucks go caps go now.

    i heard a funny luongo joke though;

    after the game, he was in tears at his press conference. while they were going to the bus, he tried to jump in front of a bus to commit suicide, but the bus went through his legs
  3. I'm sorry about your Canucks. =(
  4. Wow, Boston's not playing worth a shit. Looks like they're going to be gone soon.
  5. Yep !
  6. I guess we'll find out soon enough eh?!
  7. if vancouver gets past chicago i've got a feeling they'll get to the finals. we play good against detroit. not ruling out anaheim although id rather play detroit. i'd say detroit/vancouver vs. boston in the final
  8. Keep the faith. They'll do fine. I have my 4 teams picked on the pool thingy. I've got Detroit, Vancouver, Boston, and Pittsburgh to win. Boston vs. Detroit for the final. Your thoughts??
  9. i have no clue. im pretty worried about it going back to chicago now
  10. What happened to your Canucks? They were doing great for the first 15 min. of the game... lol.
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