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  1. Crossing my fingers for you Kev!!
  2. aw well, at least your in

    now just cross your fingers that edmonton beats calgary at least once and the canucks can pull off one more, i want the northwest division title.
  3. 8th. We play Boston.
  4. did you end up in 7th or 8th? i wouldn't be so happy either way, boston or caps but lets hope they can do it!
  5. Whew... we JUST made it! Barely, but we're in!!
  6. ok theyre crossed

    a win tonight and we'll clinch a spot. 2 and a half minutes left and we have a powerplay
  7. Yeah, glad to see they're doing so well too. We need as many Canadian teams in as possible. I'm sooo fucking happy to see that Ottawa didn't make it. Hate those guys with a passion. Least you guys are safe - us on the other hand... cross your fingers we make it Kev.
  8. 4 or 5 depending on the team

    im glad to see vancouver keep rolling, although im stressing over tonights game, 5-5 2nd intermission. its been non stop back and forth goals. good to see burrows, kesler, and the sedins keep going strong though.
  9. Yeah, thank God we won and Rangers lost - how many more games left in the regular season anyway?
  10. id say theyve got a fair chance but the standings in the east are to close to know for sure
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