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  1. Well, I hope you make it into med school soon then... although Psychology is really an awesome study course. I am always surprised when I see how expressions that I originally knew through punk rock suddenly appear in my text books
  2. 1) Sure, here's tha link. Hope it's not too late I left early this morning and I just got home from work, so I just now got your message.

    2) My job isn't so glorious, unfortunately (I work in a cafe at the moment, saving some money for college). But yeah, I do have kind of a side interest in stuff like that (psychology, social science, religion, etc.). I'm probably going to ultimately go for the med school route, though.
  3. Hey could you please upload the song Madam K for me? (I am in Germany right now and am not on my pc, but we need the song fast (for the podcast )). If you would like to do us this favor, just post the link to my or iGustavos profile page once done! Thanks!

    ps: Here's something I wanted to ask you for a longer while now: What is your occupation? Are you a psychologist? Now that I am a student of psychology myself, I was able to notice that you actually use a lot of psychological references, which made me curious.
    Greetings, Adrian
  4. Hey hey I'm gonna do "Break Down" for the BBS Covers III project....but I seem to have misplaced the lyrics sheet for that one If you could supply the words for that song then I would be most grateful
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