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  1. haha

    I will ponder the possibilities
  2. You could do Gotta Get Away as a duet; first chorus could be "Gotta get away from me," second chorus could be someone else singing from another perspective singing, "Gotta get away from you."

    Or not 0_0 Just an idea, really.
  3. Are there any songs on smash that could be done as two people?
  4. yeah. Well, we have two new voices on the list. and maybe randman will do something for this one. I know he is singing on Smash. Maybe we can get him to to one... I'd be happy to just do SIMU and be done with it.
  5. Yeah. I mean, I'll never get tired of my voice (I'm just SO talented, after all XD)....but seriously, I don't want to hear my voice on every track. That wouldn't feel so much like a group effort as it would like me covering every song, and that totally kills the diversity.
  6. Teff (I' is singing YGGFK too. It'll be nice. I'm glad its not just you and me anymore (even though we sound so fantastic together and all). I was getting tired of my own voice.

    Which most people never thought possible.
  7. Yeah, I read that. The Japanese dude, right? That's cool that we finally have someone new on Tha Project Some vocal diversity would be nice.
  8. lol. same here. we also have another new person in our ranks of the forums. He/she is from japan. He actually read the WHOLE thread and wants to do vocals
  9. That's cool~

    As for RAFRAG, the only other one I really wanted to do vox for was SIMU, and that's just for the speedy interlude I've already got vox on like (what is it, 3 or 4?) tracks; I don't want to overdo it....

    -A Lot Like Me
    -Kristy, Are You Doing Okay?
    -Fix You
    -SIMU (maybe)

    And not to mention how many backing instruments I did. I don't want to hog the project, yo 0_0
  10. you is one serious G man...

    cool beans. I've got a new person to join our group so that it is not just you and me doing the vocals for everything. I oughtta see if randman wants to do any for it. did you want to sing any other songs for RAFRAG?
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