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  1. Sho thang, home dawg v0_0

    But seriously, yeah, that would be good~
  2. most of them have drum tracks, i'll get them to you sometime this weekend. and thanks.
  3. It'll have to wait until Tuesday or Wednesday next week, I'm afraid I'm quite busy this weekend. But I'd be glad to do it then if you still need it; what all needs doing?

    And of course after the Hammerhead incident I always require a drum track to sync it to 0_0
  4. hey tim, do you think you've got some time to pump out some serious bass action for RAFRAG?
  5. Well, have fun
  6. i know how that can be... at least i don't have to close today. closing on saturdays is worse than closing on fridays. oh well... here i go... *makes weak display of fake excitement*
  7. I feel for ya I used to have a job that worked me like it seems I can't get one to work me at all 0_0
  8. Me too... fuck... its 3am... i got off of work 30 mins ago, and i've got to go back in 7 hours. tomorrow will suck...
  9. Well that's cool Hope that works out fer ya.
  10. Yeah. Thats what I've decided. I'm home for fall break next weekend... I'm just gonna take it from there.
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