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  1. Hmm....that's kind of how it is over here right now, except we both travel like 30 miles a day to hang out. Distance isn't really a problem unless you let it be one, ya know?
  2. that would be true...

    I have this thing where, the guy i'm really into was engaged while I was still in town, and now that he's single, I am an hour and a half away with no car...

    So to deal, I work a whole lot and get lots of exercise. focus my... umm... frustration (to put it PG).. elsewhere towards more productive things.

    at least that way, I get to have sleep and money with which to pay for my car.
  3. You sound like you haven't gone out in awhile....
  4. yeah. its good stuff. i miss it...
  5. Yeah. I love when it kind of just sneaks up on you and gives you a hearty bitch-slap; like one day you're loafing around your house with nothing better to do, and the next you're out goofing around and not really caring about anything else.
  6. truly.

    That would be a nice situation to be in. The best part is one-upping for stories and such. Thats one of the best parts of real human interaction. It gets hard to one-up yourself after a while.
  7. Ah...well if this thing with this girl works out, I'll have to close down my awesome club. Once you've had a taste of above-par social interaction, all of a sudden it's worth the risk of losing a few games and not being the most awesome person there
  8. everyone has their own amazing awesome club! My club is awesome! I'm the coolest person there, granted that I'm the only person in the club. But still! Its great! There are parties and I win every game. Its good stuff!
  9. Hmm....if it does, that would be very strange. That would mean I am in an awesome club of whose existence I was completely unaware until....whenever I discover(ed) it....

  10. hehe... or does it? *wink*
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