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  1. K man, I finally uploaded... half of my music for you! Haha, I think putting the 2 EP's that I was gonna upload in one .rar file was too big to upload (kept getting an error), so here's one of them for now:

    That's the I'm Just a Blank Face EP, I'm gonna upload the other EP tomorrow cause I'm pretty tired now.
  2. Thanks man! I'll be sure to do one of them justice, or if not listen to them all and enjoy them :P
  3. Follow-up: here's some assorted demos from about a year ago:
  4. Well for starters, here's the Christmas EP "Can I Have My Check Now?", and the one that came before that one, "Cognitive Dissonance":

    Christmas EP =
    Cognitive Dissonance =

    The rest will take just a bit to upload; if you want, I'll shoot ya the link when they're done.
  5. Hey, just a request, I was just going to go familiarize myself with your musical library because I was thinking of doing one of your songs for the covers, but It seems like the only DL working in your thread is Hollywood Atheist. If it's not to much of a problem do you think you could upload a few other things again?

    so here`s that .rar i promised you, haha. i actually put it in the thread a while ago but the thread got burried right away so it`s pretty old, i have some more stuff now but this has pretty much all my stuff
  7. Alright well don't worry it'll work I'm sure
  8. Ah....blame my mic and bass amp for that. I'm still trying to figure out how to position the mic so that the amp's rattling doesn't ruin the lower notes....also, I don't remember if I used compression on that one before I sent it to you. I don't *think* I did, but if I did, that would explain the muffling.
  9. Okay about Killboy - it'll be easliy worked around

    Your playing is great on OOP, it's more like the quality of the recording. You can't really hear the individual picks of each string (if that makes sense), it kinda just melts together I could get Homer to mix though, he seems to know his shit, maybe hell be able to work it out.
  10. Cool about OOP. Do you mean my bass is sloppy, though, or the recording as a whole?

    Also, Steve will not be doing vox, and I will likely not be doing drums either Unless somebody still wants me to.
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