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  1. Just looking at whos doing what for Smash, are you still up for Killboy's drums? And does Steve still want to do the vocals?

    Update on OOP: There isn't one I haven't really done anything since you sent me the bass, I'm hoping that track will work, recording is kinda sloppy but I really like how you dressed it up. If it does have to be re done, do it like that again it's great
  2. it'll work i think, i really like it but we'll have to see how it fits with the finished product
    maybe i'll change up the guitar a bit to

  3. Here it is!

    Sorry for the delay; forgot I had to give blood yesterday, so I was all woozy and vomitty and stuff (first time....ugh, I'm a wuss....). In any case, I dressed up the riffs a bit because I was bored, but if you don't like it, or it's too sloppy, I'm free this weekend so I can do it again pretty quick.
  4. nice, and ive got some 9volts, so i can do my recording this weekend
  5. Can-do-will-do....this is getting done as soon as I get home from work tomorrow~
  6. K thankx And I promise I'll actually do it this time....
  7. Yes it was bass. And no worries, I can re up it. Next time I get off the PC I'll get it
  8. OK crap, I seem to have lost the drums file....I'll keep looking for it, but could you maybe reupload it for me just in case?
  9. OH SHYAT no, I completely forgot my bad. I've got a day off coming up real soon I can do it on. It was bass, right?
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