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  1. yo, sup? any progress on OOP
  2. i forgot the link sorry here it is
  3. When you say "here are the drums", where exactly is "here?"
  4. so here's the drums for out on patrol. if you wanna do the bass for this it'd be good, cause i don't think da hui will happen
  5. alright cool ill let you know
  6. That shouldn't be a problem if it's just the bass/vox/etc....I seem to be having trouble making drum tracks lately But yeah, just let me know once you get it all worked out.
  7. lol more questions about covers

    im probably doing a da hui cover (if zee ever gets around to doing the drums), and i wanna know whether you would want to do the bass and possibly vocals.

    im also doing a out on patrol cover with karin on vox and zee on drums, so if you'd want to lend bass to that too it'd be appreciated but i feel like im asking too much
  8. All right cool. The drums don't seem too hard, they're just fast.
  9. 1) Wow, I completely forgot about's been awhile, hasn't it? I'll ask him tomorrow and get back to ya.

    2) I might be able to do the drums (I'd have to listen to it again, I never actually learned them)....but chances are that if I do, they'll be quite a bit simpler than in the actual song. I dunno, it depends on how hard they are (I still kinda suck at drums 0.0).
  10. Hey Tim, is Steve still doing vocals for Killboy Powerhead?
    Wondering if you could do the drums as well?
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