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  1. Alrighty then
  2. Yeah, i'll upload it once i finish the demo and you can do what you want
  3. That's fine....of course, I'd need to know the rest of the song before I could add a bass line 0_0 Or else I'd wind up doing it in the wrong key, and it would sound weird around the vocals.
  4. Yeah, after I made the beat (well, it's probably been done before but you know what I mean by that), I noticed that. And i like it, but I cant come up with a good chorus (i had one but it didnt fit with the mood of the song). I'll come up with something in the next few days though.

    If you wanna do a bass line, by all mean do. just know that if I ever form a band, I'll defiantly be using this song, along with the line. of course you'd get credit though
  5. Nifty It's kind of hip-hopish, if you don't mind my saying so. It makes me want to throw down a funky-ass bass line~
  6. Ok, so here's what I've got so far. It's just the drums and the guitar (only the guitar in the verse though, I'm still missing the chorus and a planned solo)

    *link edited out so others can't listen yet*
  7. Ok cool .
  8. No hurries; I wouldn't have been able to do it today, anyway. I had to get with some friends to discuss a project, and I have to get to bed early tonight because I work tomorrow morning. So just drop it (and the directions, like what you want me to do) by me whenever you finish and I'll get it done the next day I'm not busy (should be sometime this week).
  9. Nevermind getting the demo today, my adapter (just bought it last night) broke, so I can't record th vox. I can upload the guitar and drums later If you want.
  10. Ok sweet. I'm in the process of doing a rough version right now, and then I'll upload it sometime later.
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