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  1. Sure, why not?
  2. Hey. I just finished a song I've been working on for about 2 years. All I had was a riff but today I rented those elec. drums, and upon the creation of a drum beat, finished the song in about an hour. It's going towards the BBS mixtape.

    All I need from you is going to be just you shouting this line: "it's not right!"

    So if youre up, tomorow Im gonna record everything, and send it to you. I'll include me saying the line so you can sync it.
  3. It's cool
  4. Haha ok. I just couldn't remember if we even had someone doing it.
  5. This is the first I've heard of it 0_0 I could do it if you want, though. You'd just have to give me a bit to, you know, learn it~
  6. I have the Amazed drums, I can't remember if you were gonna do the bass or not, are you? Or was someone else?
  7. Haha I thought we were doing the Hammerhead thing in secrecy
    Well I'll still do mine, but don't say anything about that till i do.
  8. Ok sweet
  9. Alright I'll do the bass after I get off work today (leaving in 10- minutes) and post it this afternoon.

    So Zee finally did the drums for HH. He said we'd all had to re record, first the drums (this file), then the bass (thats why im giving it to you), then the guitar, and vox.

    Get to work
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