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  1. Why thank you, kind sir! May I be so bold to say that you, indeed, are the bee's knees, too?
  2. Happy birthday, mister, you are the dope, sir. Yeah!
  3. New Fatso is everything it needs to be. Buy it through itunes
  4. That's great news, my friend! A fresh dose of FJ's dizziness is always delicious. Play Dead is just fine.
  5. Fatso Jetsons official twitter says their next album will be out on April 1st. That's like, half a month!

    Play Dead will be on that record
  6. I am looking forward to your seven inch.. minute epicness. <3
  7. Thank you that means a lot! I'm pretty happy with the song myself. The recording not so much, but it's only a demo and the community here's pretty lax with stuff like that. I have to say that I'm absolutely floored by the overall talent every single time we have a mixtape.

    I guess i should update my Musique Danoise thread. I might have some more stuff up my sleeves very soon. I recently got a new computer, and the built in mic is way better than my previous one, so I'm hoping I can record without much hissing from now on. I just need to get all my stuff moved, because I'm already well underway with a seven minute epic.

    Thanks for the e-love
  8. dude dude duude duuuuude! I'm in all-internal love with High Life!
  9. I'm not allowed near our familys clone-a-lot anymore. Long story

    Denmark's one out of five countries they'll be visiting in Europe. Five! They won't even be going to Sweden, which is like... like if you bought an icecream cone, just to eat the waffle and throw the icecream away. Nobody does that!

    I'm just hoping that they will play here again, and preferably somewhere closer. Denmark might not be the biggest country in the world, but it still makes a difference if they play in Århus or Copenhagen.

    Still, new tunes in '10. can't wait.
  10. Oh maaan, this totally blows! I feel your pain. There must be a possibility. Clone yourself or something.
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