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  1. Hey ! I was away from Paris for a while. I'm going to buy it today but I already listened to it before leaving on Myspace. Also the terrible thing is that he was at Rock en Seine yesterday and I wasn't. It was a very hard decision to take
  2. So, ready for the new Eels album? E's sure been treating us good lately!

    It's been a while since I reached out to people here. How have you been?
  3. He wants to test us, for sure. I guess I failed with my downloading...
    Didn't know Arhus but I plan to go back to DK to visit a little more...

    For Copenhagen, I loved it of course, but I was an Erasmus so it was very hard not to love it. I mean, I was going out all the time with all sorts of people.
    But I thought the city was incredibly beautiful. Also, it's a capitol city so you have everything you need, lots of bars and places to go out but at the same time, it's not too big so you can basically do almost everything with a bike.
    This is a lot different in Paris. Beautiful city too, but it is bigger. Fortunately, we have a great subway but sometime it is just too much trouble to go somewhere. Also it is harder to use a bike here because the streets are not conceived for it and... well, Paris isn't as flat as Copenhagen
    Also, this is simply an amazing place for Erasmus students. We were extremely well welcomed. We all had mentors, that was pretty cool cause that's basically the only Danes I met...
  4. Tha's unbelievably bad luck. Considering how I didn't end up getting my prize anyway, I'm thinking Mark Oliver Everett has put a curse on us.

    I live pretty close to Århus, which is the second largest city in Denmark. It sort of has the same feeling as Copenhagen (My brother lives there, I visit him often), but where I live is more peaceful. Sort of a Suburbia feel to it. I love the fact that I live in a pretty calm area, and whenever I want to go to the big city, it's only about 10 minutes away.

    What did you think of Copenhagen, and what about where you live now?
  5. You won't believe that. I finished late all week, I couldn't find any time to go to a music store on saturday (ok, to be honest, I kinda slept all day...) and I started finishing late again... So now I think there's a curse. Every night, I'm trying to live just 10 mn early to go and someone calls or someone needs something. Like I didn't have any call during the WHOLE day today... why just when I'm about to leave ? So now, I'm downloading it This really sucks but I just want to listen to it...
    Anyway, how is Denmark ? I don't even know where you live there... I only know copenhagen anyway...
  6. Soooo.... what do you think of it? I have no one else to share my knowledge with!
  7. Soooo, I went out of work at 8 p.m today... Tomorrow is the day
  8. Aw, that sucks. Be sure to buy it tomorrow, then. That sounds like a good tradition. There's nothing better than opening that cd-case for the first time, and listening to the entirety of the album without distractions. Good times
  9. Well, I haven't listen to it yet... see, I have kind of a tradition. I go buy the CD on the day it's released and I listen to it at home... But right now, it's 6:36 p.m, I'm still at work and I probably will be for sometime so I don't think I will be able to get it today
  10. No. I wrote him a couple of times, but he didn't write back. I'd continue on with this, but I haven't got the energy to get more involved, and I've already listened to the album, so that took some of my commitment away.

    How do you like it? Pretty damn good, huh?
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