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  1. Hi! how are you doing?
    i'm a little busy until the end of this month.
    but sounds good!
    i will take time to make my album
  2. Hi! What's up? You should make an album of you. I want to see what you look like.
  3. oh, it's my wrong understanding.
    Never mind.
  4. You had said "thanks for inviting me". what did i invite you to?
  5. What did I invite you to? I don't remember.
  6. ハイ!キャシディ!



    thanks for inviting me and we'll go!

    btw,you're student aren't you?
    i guess new school year is beginning at your country,
    how do that?
  7. Hey Makiko.
  8. それはいいね!



    That's good!
    i'm going,too :P

    yeah,spell and pronunciation is almost same,
    but The character is different.
    and a lot of characters are appropriated to the Japanese names

    for example,Tomoyoshi are 友義、知良、友良 etcetc.
    all of these are pronounced "Tomoyoshi"
  9. No. I might though because Matt Kelly from the Dropkick Murphies is going to try to get them to meet me. I thought of those names. I told you that I love the Japanese names. In Japanese are English words spelled the same but the letters look different?
  10. 残念ながら会ったことはないよ


    Unfortunately i never met him and also other members.
    i only look up from the front row on live.
    I HOPE that they give us meet and greet in Japan.
    Have you met Dexter and other members?
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