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  1. i was born in 1977.
    please count.

    maybe i think my age is closer to your parents than

    But my heart and soul are always as young as kids.
  2. all of the offspring are amazing but Dexy is something else
  3. im 14 and a girl but wuts ur age
  4. yes,i agree.

    of course Noodles too.
    i love him almost as same as Dexter

    i'm a,a
    and maybe much older than you. lol
  5. how old r u
    r u a guy or girl
    (optional questions)
  6. he is amazing
    he's my dexy
  7. yeah,that's one of my favorite Dexter's hair XD
    your pic is so nice too
  8. i LOVE ur pic of dexter
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