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  1. English for me ,
    reading and writing are growing up a little bit.
    but listening and speaking are still too hard.
    I should keep learning hard.

    Do you understand some Japanese language?
    if so, it's good.
    some day if I got a chance for talk with you,I'm so glad.
    it images so fun.
    and also I think it's easy way to learn language.

    It already excite me from now.
    can't wait next month's show.
    and after that, I will report this on my blog.
  2. English language is a great challenge to learn and speak it perfectly with decent grammar of speech. Spanish is my second language and I wanna learn yours. I can barely managed how to pronounced the words and put them in a good sentence.

    Can you teach me? That'd be totally rad! xD

    Yeah, my name does sound beautiful on almost all the time on someone's ear

    Yes, they are coming your way! I hope you go and meet the band! xD

    So you'll be my personal guide tour man? Sounds great to me. Thanks.

    Your welcome... no problem... anytime.
  3. Hello,Isabella.
    thanks for your word about my name.
    your name sounds beautiful in my ear

    if that time will come,
    I will guide many place where you want to visit at Tokyo.
    ask me easy!

    are you interested in Japanese?
    sounds good!
    if you have question about my language,
    I answer and teach them as much as I can

    and I'm also studying your language.
    English is so hard for me. but interesting.

    I'm really excited for their upcoming album!
    and their performance in next month at Japan that I will see, too

  4. Sure, I will keep that in mind! Thanks.

    Ok, I will go on youtube later. Thanks.

    WOW you'll guide me, eh? Great.
    I've heard its a magical tech world!
    I also wanna learn your wonderful language.
    It is nice to meet you too! Maki, such an awesome name!

    I'm Isabella an old/new offspring fan. So you still win! #1.
    Are you super mega excited for the upcoming record? Rad!

    Take care,
  5. Thanks!
    and nice to meet you ,too.

    Tokyo have many wonderful place and convenience for living.
    if you visit here, I can guide you around Tokyo

    yes,I welcome to your subscribing.

    Ten years or more I am the big fan of The Offspring.
    I'm old fan
  6. Ah, see now thanks for sharing. It's great. Neat stuff. Maki, is Tokyo, Japan, a wonderful place to live and visit? I wanna do a trip over there in the future!

    PS may I please subscribed to your YouTube channel? Thanks a bunch. Cya.
    How long have you've been an Offspring fan? Nice to meet ya, Maki. XD
  7. I got comment to video that I posted on YouTube.
    it said "They are the real version of Bart Simpson and Milhouse."

    I thought really that's right,so I drew
  8. Your avatar looks like The Simpsons Dexter & Noodles in cartoonish.
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