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  1. Yeah thats what I meant. I'll try that.
  2. Not sure what you mean by neck route? If you mean the joint, you probably want to get a slab of wood the same thickness as the base of the neck, and then line up the bride and pickups with the neck by just drawing a lines along the edges of the wood.
  3. oh and one more tip and i should be set for everything. whats the best way to get the neck rout perfect? should I just measure the neck joint on another guitar and trace that on, or try and get it as close as possible and then use some wood filler to get rid of any spots that arent tight to the neck?
  4. alright, i'm just gonna have to try to see what works i guess. thanks
  5. Guitar wiring can be a pain, as there are many ways of doing it (especially with humbuckers)

    So far with mine, I've just been resourceful. if I ever have to take parts out, I mark the wires and soldering prongs with markers.

    It's more of a "figuring out"/"trial and error" sort of thing. Take a good look at all the wiring inside one of your guitars, look at which wires go where, and try to replicate it in whatever you are trying to wire. If you know how to read schematics, find some of those, too.
  6. got any tips on wiring guitars? probably easy with the guitars you've made since they're strat and tele styles and those are like all you can find for wiring diagrams on the web. im wiring mine exactly like a les paul, any ideas on how that would go together?

    edit: found this diagram... still kinda confused about how i'll know which wires are which on the PUPs.
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