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  1. Hey!
    Thanks for the wishes. Yeah, Ive been really busy. Hopefully have time to chat more soon!

  2. Hey!! Happy birthday. You aren't very active on bbs these days...
  3. Hey!
    Sorry, I havent been online for ages so I just saw ur message.Anyhoo, I don't have facebook so I can't vote.
    When's the concert, btw?
  4. Hey!!! If you have facebook (and like me a little XD) please vote under my photo and let me go to the slovakian Offspring show! Thank you very much! And the link is:
  5. hehhe thank you I'm glad you like it Happy New Year and enjoy the calendar!!!
  6. I forgot to mention how much I love your calendar! Its really-truly great!
    Thank you for the hard work!!!!

    oh, and happy new year too!!!!
  7. Thank you!!! I cant tell you how happy I am
  8. great pic of you and Dex!!!
    im so jealous that im green inside out. u lucky girl!
  9. Yeah yeah, that's my favourite video
  10. Oh, I see I think I choose vid is cool, too.
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