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  1. NOOOOOOOO!!! I love I choose, just I'm a little thoughtless and I wrote my favourites
  2. U dont like "I choose"??? Thats one of the best from them, in my oppinion!
  3. Thanks, but I know what happens (more or less) - It's really hard to stay spoiler free
  4. I don't like the episodes 25-37 as much as the previous 25, but I don't tell it why. If you watch them, you will know it. But I think the ending is very good, so I can suggest that you should watch them. Fantastic
  5. Yeah, I do want to watch it - I just dont have time at the moment (University *rolls eyes*). I've heard that last episodes aren't that great. Good to hear that you liked them!
    Great pic of L, by the way!!!
  6. Maybe you can buy it on Ebay in English language. But I like the anime more than the manga. The anime is awesome. I like Ryuk too, but my favourite is L Don't want to watch all of the series? My favourites are the 18-25 series.
  7. I have seen the anime (not all episodes, though - my computer crashed and I lost all the episodes, i only got to see first 17). i really really like it! my fav character is Ryuk, i guess, LOL. he's so funny!
    i haven't seen any other anime. my friend told me about Death Note and that's why I started to watch it too.
    i would love to buy Death Note manga but we don't have it here. they haven't translated it into estonian. haven't got chance to order it online.
  8. I saw the anime and read the manga. I love it, and L is my favourite And I like a lot other anime too. And you like it too?
  9. hey!
    so you like Death Note, huh? have u read the manga (comics) or seen the anime?
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