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  1. Hi!
    Show was awesome, except the playback in Rammleid and Ich tu dir weh and the audience... Anyway, it was great experience and i am looking for tickets to Ostrava (city in CZ). Tickets under podium are sold out, so i have to buy them for 1900 czech crowns from middleman instead 1390.
  2. Hey!
    SO? How was the concert?
  3. No, I am not. I am member of Offspring bbs only.
  4. Oh, and Donaukinder is my fav from CD 2. Just exellent! Too bad that they dont play those songs live (from the 2nd CD). Are you member of some rammstein bbs too?
  5. Yeah, its LIFAD tour so they are suppose to play new songs. Which I like, by the way. But I dont like the setlists that much - I'd like to hear some older songs like Asche zu Asche or Mein Teil or Du riechst so Gut or smth. Weisses Fleisch rocks yeah! Im not that fond of Engel as ending song tho.
  6. LIFAD is great, I love it. Listening to Mehr right now, too bad they dont play it live ... but still, the setlist is great. I've watched youtube vids too and so do I cant wait! New songs are awesome live, great scene and effects as always, and come oooon!!! Weisses fleisch or Seemann live?! Oh yeah I've never heard these songs live. What about bonus tracks? Man, Donaukinder and Halt are excellent
  7. Wow! You are lucky! I have to wait til 24th of Feb My tickets will get rotten by that time, lol. I know you are gonna have a great-great concert - come on, Rammstein rocks!
    Im kinda old fan also. Since 1998 or something. My first album that I heard was "Live aus Berlin". Mutter is one of my fav albums of theirs. I have seen them 2 times! YAY! They are so awsome! I have watched the youtube vids of the new tour - CANT WAIT!!!
    So what do you think of the newest album?
  8. Hi there!
    Thanks a lot, yeah I am fan of Rammstein, since 2001, you know, when Mutter came out, i was 12 back then. Thats right, I'm going, I was at 3.12. 2004 too here in Prague, it's almost 5 years ago... Anyway, 10 days to concert, I'm so excited...hehe
  9. Hey!
    Cool banner! So you are a fan of Rammstein? Never thought Id found one from Offspring bbs cos of the Pussy video thread. Almost noone here likes their music. Going to the concert, huh?
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