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  1. Haha, I can see that
    Yeah, it's pretty bad, you have to wear skies just to go around the garden! xP
    And I want summer, we can't get what we want :P
    Elin Engerbakk is my name >_>
    No I haven't :P
  2. nah man, red dirt aint cool haha. especially when it's hot and windy, lol.
    wow, two metres! thats heaps, yeh?
    Australia dont get snow where I live. At the moment we're in summer (or so it seems lol)it's really hot and I hate it. I think i'd prefer snow
    Cool, whats your username? yeh, most of my friends dont have myspace, they use bebo. hav u heard of that ? lol
  3. lol, but read dirt's cool!
    Melting ice *shakes head* It just is... good question, It's cold rain, that lays on the ground, and is cold... We have like 2 metres of snow every year, it's cold <_<
    Yeah, I pretty much expected to die, but then I didn't!
    Actually yes I do, mostly to came in touch with bands I like though, almost no one in Norway knows punk Actually, no one in Norway knows myspace xP
  4. well we have .... red dirt >.> lol
    snow is cool, i've only ever seen it twice when i was young, is it like melting ice?
    aw haha well thats good i guess?*that u got better fast* i thought it would be heaps bad the way everyone was going on about it on tv lol
    aye dyu got myspace ?
  5. We have snow, and you have...? lol!
    We didn't really got it that bad either, almost just me that've had it.
    It wasn't that bad, I was like really sick 3 days, then got better, and haven't eaten in like 10 days. :]
    Thank you :}
  6. lol i live in new south wales in australia!
    oh man that sucks heaps! australia didn't really get the swine flu that bad i dont think.
    are u ok? is it as bad as everyone says?
    hope u get well
  7. Can kinda say the same thing :P lol
    I live in the midle of Norwat next to a lot of threes... Where do you live? :]
    I'm kinda pissed right now, cuz my class were going to Oslo to see Jesus Christ Superstar, guess who haven't been sick in a year, but right then get the goddamn swine flu... So now I'm sick
  8. Thats cool, i play bass. well try to
    relly haha :P im on school holidays
    at the moment. Where dyu live?
  9. Hello :] Just playing some bass. What's up there? :P
  10. hello, whats up ?
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