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  1. fine,thanx,uh,who´s that girl in your avatar?maria cortez also has that pic
  2. I'm okay. How are you?
  3. hey,itsbeen a while,how youve been?
  4. lol,i didnt know yer name was cassidy,cool!
  5. gee,that´s nice,so are you,but tell me,are you still getting beaten by your classmates?
  6. Thanks. I think you are cute.
  7. pfft,that´s because you think you´re ugly,even if you were,that´s no excuse!
    i don´t think i´m great looking either,but i make myself think i am,and thanks to that i´ve had enough couples,tho,the only one i ever needed left me,anyways,you just need to cheer yourself,there´s nothing wrong with you,really
  8. i just think i am. i hate the way i look. i have never even had a boyfriend
  9. shhhhhh!!they are gonna think i´m a pedo for seeing your pics
    you´re not ugly,really,what makes you think that?your cat is cool too!
  10. Thanks. Are you on now? By the way, you said you wanted to see pics of me. I made an album entitled me and/or my cat. I still think i am ugly
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