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  1. interesting,anyway,my pc is pissing me off (lol,"pcing me off),so im leaving,see ya!hope you feel better soon
  2. I didn't! It sounds confusing but really what happened was I spent a weekend with my cousin Mary, her husband Gary(they rhyme) and there two children Emily(then 2 yrs now 6 yrs) and Ryan(then 2 months now 4 yrs{my little ryguy}) my they grow up fast dont they? the frog thing was frogger(the video game and the cheese thing i will explain if you want. as for the side effects i didnt get ur answer. wnt to hear or not, up to you. i just feel like talking bout anything. i am bored
  3. sorry,my computer is SLOW.
    cheese rules,and poor frogs,why you squished them?
  4. oh dude not good. i wanted cheese so i got a piece of cheese but i think it was rotten!
  5. so i am listenin to americana and it is bringin back memories of the summer of '05. so much cheese and tons of squished frogs!
  6. not so much diseases. none of them go away. i might go into remission with the arthritis but not for a long tuime. i have had it for a few years but i was finally diagnosed so it has gotten worse. my meds for arthritis have some extreme long term side efects too.(if you want to know tell me but if u dont care i aint typin it out LOL yes i am that lazy)
  7. so i was recently playing truth or dare with my little sister(big black dot at the top right in my hamster named dexter pic[blocked her out}) and she asked me when i said truth she was like "have you ever killed yourself with a gun?" and i was like, i think you have been playing too much mario!
  8. wow,thtas too much,i drink like 13 bottles of beer a day,but thats nothing compared to your pills,are your deseases ending sometime?
  9. no rheumetologist. i recently started meds but they take a while to work. i take 13 pills a day(depression, asthma, alergies, arthritis, sleeping pills, GERD)
  10. yeah,i only have it on my fingers,havent you seen a quiropract?
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