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  1. urs is only ur fingers? ur lucky. i got it everywhere. sometimes it gets so bad i cant walk!
  2. uh,i know what u mean,i have artritis on my fingers too,i just cant deal with it
  3. physical. I have really bad arthritis and autoimmunity so my body aches and is attacking itself from the inside out!
  4. oh,dear,is it emotional or physical?
  5. once... anyway i am also in a lot of pain and i dont think that helps with the depression at all either
  6. i had one,didnt you ever saw it?
  7. ah cool. anything else. will you make a private album of you? i will be happy! PLEASE!
  8. sorry,i was on the phone.
    thatīs horrible that you tried to kill yourself,i hope your meds work.
    iīm happy XD,i just won 3000 pesos thanx to a soccer team
  9. So anyway, what's up with you?!
  10. Yeah, that is true. I tried to kill myself when I was twelve years-old and I was hospitalized for it. I was evaluated for saying things about suicide in June but they said I was fine. I have recently had the dosage of my medication upped by twenty milligrams, so it should start helping soon!
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