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  1. thanx im okay, u re ok? and here is so cold.brrrr
  2. Hey Sayilir!!! what a r u??
  3. Thanx my dear friend
  4. merhaba,hm pAo and flue.bad thing is second really anyway im ok and im at the school fighting with many documanteries and i have exams on this weekend.i hope you will be ok and less study hoscakal
  5. Merhaba my dear friend!!!! i hope you...
    Im sick,have flu ,im still studing ,you??? where did you going??
  6. merhaba!!! ya still studying? see you 1 week later good lucks about life hoscakal
  7. merhaba dear friend?? Howr u?? Im studing,how's there??
  8. weather is so hot here,here is burning,people re like fried chicken,i cant think that how is hell?) anyway i hope that you re ok and cold im on holiday still ,untill 1 september.goodbye see you AgAin
  9. Yea i wait for u,darling!!!!
  10. c ya later again,i guess 1,5 month later
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