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  1. ok! then,what can i say more?so thanx for your comment.
  2. Metalmania!!!!!!that is just you say,you say me that you havenīt brain,well that is it i understood,but you understood bad,think,and you sholud be take care with it you say!!!!!you always have bad interprets!!!!ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. and i cant know maybe i misunderstood somethings maybe ts the problem of translate anyway we re ok now take cAre
  4. ok i see but i told about ur some speechs(about my brain....)anvyway i must work now,c ya later,its ok?
  5. Metalmania,i havenīt hate for you,you say me this the last time,i donīt know why??? you say me that,i donīt say nothing that you was angree with me...i only was want your friend,but you donīt want,well nimodo...
  6. huh?i really know that we never understand each other and dont waste your hate on me your hate and us it against the world anyway i understand your some spanish words and it was not noble,so shame anyway take care
  7. go your way!dont call on me 1 more time and keep away please
  8. what!!!!!!!
    you donīt think????o sea no you havenīt brain?????
  9. no i dont think;so dont worry.i just asked.take care,goodbye
  10. Now you think that im alcholic????
    Never mind!!!! donīt worry,are you doing okay??
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