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  1. no problem
  2. Thank you so much friend!!!!!
  3. Happy Birthday!!!
  4. I'm doing good,how about you?
    I hope it gets warmer for you,I would kill for some lawn would thank me.
  5. Oh yeah!! but here is raining,itīs cold,i hope the hot!!!! How r u??
  6. Thanks dude and I hope you get better soon (I hate being sick in the summer ).
  7. You prosperous!! vientos,i hope to see it!!!
  8. Hello,my good friend
    Yes I still draw,at the moment Im working on a picture of Kurt Cobain and Layne Staley.

    How are ya?!
  9. Hey!!!!! whatīs up!!! do you still drawing???
  10. that's okay, I bet you are really good at drawing though
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