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  1. jeseus fucking christ gustavo! do you think sending the same thing to me more than once is gonna make me find it faster? I ALWAYS check all my messages on both sites. you only needed to send it to me once and this VM is just flat out unnecessary. seriously.
  2. hey, check out your PMs or your messages at facebook, please!
  3. done
    10 fuckin' characters
  4. Hey, happy new year! =)
  5. Long story short, i overreacted to something last night and thus created a new account in the hopes that a shorter name would be easier for people to remember. i realized how sill i was being too late, and i figure, i already made the switch so why not just commit.

    anyways, now people will just call me lost. i didn't like it when people would try to call me "nvrfound" and stuff like that. annoyed me for some reason. so now they can just call me lost or karin. much simpler that way.
  6. a new profile? why? :P
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