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  1. hola teff! hiciste cantar YGGFK? te puedes hacer pronto? por favor! necesitamos progreso!
  2. yeahhh let me know
    take caree girrl
  3. teff, we don't have the other tracks yet. we need to get the guitar and the bass first. i will message you when we have them, and then you can record vocals, okay?
  4. I'm so sorry
    My friend doesn't want to lend me his microphone and I have to go to his house and record it (very far away from my home) xD
    and I'm studing right now a lot for school
    Next week I'll surely have them and I'll send them to you
    I'm so sorry xD
  5. hola chica! soy bueno.

    we actually haven't done anything for the covers in quite a while. we are still waiting to get all the tracks together. you haven't missed your opportunity. I'll send you a VM when we finally have them together (if it ever happens).
  6. Karinn
    how are you?
    it's been a long time
    I've been really busy and almost I couldn't post here
    I wanted to know what happened with rafrag covered
    if someone did the vocals for me, or it needs to be done
    I'm so sorry that i dissapeared xD
    so, i'll wait your answerr
    bye byee (:
  7. its a long story that i can't make sense of. but i figure, i might as well commit since its already done. lol. oh well... anyway, this one is easier to remember
  8. why have you changed your member name? :O
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