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  1. last message i swear.

    here's a .zip of all of them.
  2. okay... so actually I've removed a couple of the covers and uploaded 6 songs that weren't on there before.
  3. oh and... i just realized my most recent completed song isn't on there.

    that and a song i did with llamas. i'm uploading them now.
  4. oh and uhh... thanks!
  5. they were up for download in my thread but the links expired. I'll reupload them later.

    Honestly, I'm a little more comfortable singing in a range more like what dexter uses, but since i write mostly with my acoustic I end up with a much more laid back softer melody. I have a couple partial songs in a higher register but its hard to write with no drums or bass

  6. Gave it a listen just now. I have to say that your original stuff is my favorite --- you have this natural soft vibrato that makes me jealous 0.0

    As for the covers, I think Big As Life and Defy You were my favorites, probably just because I've heard the other two before. But I noticed that your originals are in a lower register than the Offspring covers (understandably), and that seems to be closer to your natural register. As a result, they end up with this genuine, sorta honest sound that I really dig~

    Let me know if you ever have them up where we can download 'em I'm making a comp CD for road listenin' when we go to see the Offspring and Sum 41 next month.
  7. lol there are a couple songs on myspace. I've got a lot of unrecorded or incomplete stuff that I'm working on.
  8. Hey, do you have a place where I can find your KD Shelton stuff? I was looking over the options for AOM July and I realized that I haven't heard any of your stuff outside of the RAFRAG project; I've tracked down some of the other bands but I can't find yours. I was thinking you had a topic with your myspace link in it awhile back, but I can't seem to find it 0.0

    Just trying to build up a sort of database of all the "bands" that hang out here. So far all I have is Ricetigers and Fisticuffs (which I adore~).
  9. lol!

    I might be privy to seeing them in person 4 times this year. at least 3.
  10. Make that 7/16 - 7/18. My bad 0.0
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