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  1. can you resend me the guitar tracks for rise and fall?
  2. Hey, no offense taken I was a little bit frustrated about myself not being able to record it precisely like I wanted to with so little time left of the deadline. I'll see if I can fiddle around with it a bit in the future
  3. I'm sorry for my brusqueness last week. I actually figured out what it was that didn't seem to work for the track. I think your amp wasn't loud enough (me and randy discussed it and came to that conclusion). I recommend turning up the amp and turning down the mic sensitivity. It'll hopefully make it a bit smoother without losing the chunky grunge that you were going for.
  4. We might need some second opinions on this, because I kinda like it :P
    I never wnated to go for that [IOffspring sound[/I] if you know what I mean, but I can definitely understand if some find it too chunky.
  5. download whats in my sig and lemme know. Its too chunky for my tastes, even turned up. but if thats the sound you want its whatever.
  6. Sure it's not just a volume problem, though? I tried with different settings, but taking some of the distortion off made it lose some of its edge, and made it almost indistinguishable from the other guitar.

    If it's completely impossible for you to get something decent out of it, let me know and i'll redo it ASAP, as in today
  7. no offense man, but what in the fuck is up with the distortion? its soooo chunky and sounds pretty awful. I'm doing what I can, but this is waaay overdistorted man.
  8. separate is perfect! thanks!
  9. Here you go. I seperated the guitar parts, because I didn't know how you wanted it:
  10. Happy birthday!! Hope you have a good one!
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