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  1. Happy Birthday.
  2. Merry Christmas.
  3. just take some unflavored plain hot tea and ice it down. or order a box of lipton or luzianne online (i honestly like lipton better). haha...
  4. just wanted to say hi. I wish i could some sweet tea right now. I have not had any since i was in NC and that was a few months ago. Up north we don't have that kind of good stuff. We have apple cider but that is seasonal.
  5. Happy B-Day
  6. u should nver feel like thaat way. dont ever put urself down. br positive. grab a beer and play ur guitar. i just bought ccheap one at a pawn shop for 80. its like a strat put ot goes hum sing sngle and it jas a stwitch to it. stupid [awn shop did not have it tuned and i didnt bring my gear so i tuned it by ear. im still going to buy an ibanez rg570 cuz its a bad ass guitar.
  7. i honestly think we are all a little confused... and i'm left feeling like a bit of an ass...
  8. i dont know wat just happend, but i continue to drink my beer since tontite is my last nite in nc. i be back in ct tomor nite.
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