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  1. Careful talking bout it Randy! You might catch the GAYS!
  2. But seriously, what about the gays who want to get married in a church?
  3. most likely that would just give you the squirts.

    yeah, when i was doing that show at Triad Stage, the actors went through those things like I go through starbucks.
  4. Well I'll be. lol. I'd never heard of it before a few months ago. I HAD heard of drink olive oil, but I don't trust it.
  5. lol. From what I understand, actors and musicians alike all go for Riccolas like mad.
  6. it really can tell ya something when its been more than a week since you replied and i am just now getting it. lol
  7. Cool beans! Heh, I'm quick to worry, but yeah, I could tell that you were aight on facebook. I should do the same. First, to find some friends.
  8. yeah, i've been on a bit of a hiatus from casual internet browsing. school and hanging out with friends eats up a lot of my time. I think I just might actually be saner than before... like WOAH!
  9. Hey, buddy. Noticed you haven't been around lately. Just making sure that you're keeping sane. :P
  10. HAHAHA! I've had that one forever! woooow.... you're special. I still occasionally get messages from someone who seems to have found me.
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