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  1. I'm lol'ing and aww'ing at the same time. Car problems are so not funny, especially for us po' folks.
  2. my car is doing a good enough job of that. i've decided that now all this makes it the most expensive lawn ornament in the neighborhood.
  3. Just trying to keep you grounded. You know, cuz I care.
  4. way to burst my bubble dude.
  5. Errrm. Sure.
  6. Am I really that awesome? sweeeet!
  7. Hehe, me too. Just wanted you to admit it first.

    lol, I'd say as many as possible! Nah, I can't help that you post intellectually stimulating material everywhere. I just respond.
  8. well, i know I do. I'm rather proud of that too. So, whats your excuse?

    hehe... how many different places can we have conversations at once?
  9. Heh, I didn't say anything! So who's got the dirty mind?
  10. you want me to hate you?

    oh wait... you have a dirty mind!
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