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  1. Heh, looks like I'm not coming back on. I've been meaning to give these bastard Embarq people a call for 4 months. Too lazy, though.
  2. yeah, same here. log in brah!
  3. Haha, oh. Well, it was an accurate description of the li'l guy. Heh, for some reason, I like that kid a lot already.
  4. your post in that boys thread.
  5. I do thank you, but I'm sensing a lack of sincerity. What are you referring to?
  6. I must say you are the picture of maturity randy.
  7. haha. cousins and parents friends children. Cheese Cheese is the only pedo round these parts that I know of.
  8. Hahaha, right. I remember when she FIRST released that. I was like 13. Sooo, what 9 year olds are you talking to? Is Cheese Cheese not the only pedo around?
  9. yeah... i only like a couple of her newer songs. But the old stuff is just classic. I get weirded out talking to kids who are around 9 (the age I discovered Britney Spears) and they don't know Hit Me Baby One More Time... It just doesn't quite register that that was before they were born *feels old*
  10. Haha, I knew you liked her, but I didn't know you had <3 for her. I'm not sure what to think, because I hate what she's become, but her early stuff is untouchable.
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