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  1. Ha, that was a hell of a train of thought. I know the feeling of "big mess". It feels like I'm coming out of that phase nowadays, and I hope you can, too. But I'm sure it's not as bad as you think.

    Oh, most preamps are hella expensive (I'm sure you know this), so I just stick to the ones that come built into mixers/audio interfaces. Heh, if I lived close to you, I'd give you my little practice amp that I don't use anymore. It sounds like a goose in heat, but at least you'd have a few options. :P
  2. haha. I'm too cheap to buy a preamp... though i really need one now that i think about it. ...yeah... that would explain a lot... hahaha...

    i like performing for an audience. Its a thrill unrivaled by most any other. there are certain thrills that i can think of that are better, but performance is high up there. I've never sung one of my own songs in front of more than a couple friends though. I need to get a practice amp so that i can write more stuff thats in a genre i'm more comfortable in. I need a lot of things i suppose. First i need some stuff to come together a bit for me. everything seems like this big mess that i can't clean up. first, i need to get out of the clutches of my parents. ha! they certainly aren't helping the mess. mostly cause they refuse to acknowledge the mess i've made, so i'm not getting a chance to piece things back together in my own way. there is no way in hell that i will be able to take an entire semester back home.

    damn thats quite a train of thought. i have this habit of just typing whatever pops into my head as i go along...
  3. Nice. I never had the chutzpa to act. I get crazy nervous in front of people, heh. So do you have some sort of preamp, or do you use the one built into the laptop?
  4. yeah i did theater. I basically did everything it is possible to do. I managed to get two leading roles my senior year. I also did lights, sound, and stage management at various times in high school.

    the mic is a samson M15 dynamic mic. Its wired for performance, so i don't know what kind of quality its gonna give me for recording, but we'll see. I'm not going to record this morning like i had planned though because i am exhausted and going back to bed for a while.
  5. For curiosity's sake, what kind of mic is it? And you did theatre! Cool. Did you act as well? I've never done it myself, but I used to go to all my high school plays and stuff. Heh, I even wanted to skip out on one of my basketball games for a production of "Twelfth Night".
  6. haha. yeah. I'm THAT ghetto. jk.

    I actually had some other mics already, but they were super cheap and I didn't have an adapter. This mic seems much nicer. Its not as nice as some of the microphones I handled/used in high school(i did a lot of theater in highschool. won some contests too.), but it should be an improvement to say the least.
  7. Cool! Anxious to hear how it sounds. Lol, and I didn't know you were using the built-in mic. Ha, it is pretty decent, though.
  8. I bit the bullet and bought a mic this weekend. Not a nice one, but it should be an improvement over what I have. Downside is its a dynamic mic, which is really only good for vocals, but it sure as hell is better than the built in mic on my laptop . lol. I'm going to test it tomorrow morning when my roommate is out for classes. we'll see how it works out.
  9. THANKS A MILLION! It's very encouraging! Fun fact: This is the sole song I wrote in England last year, right before my big writer's block that's still going on, haha. I might try a slower song next. Thanks again!
  10. I really reeeaaaallly like it!!! I think I like it even more than big as life and i LOVE that song. Its really catchy and i love the guitar in it! LOVE it!
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