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  1. Yes, ma'am! I've heard of IEDs (both kinds) and DUIs, but I'd never heard of IUDs. For some strange reason, it's interesting to me.
  2. You've learned something new, eh?
  3. haha ok then.
  4. Haha, nahh I was just gonna ask about the guy. I'm nosy about such things.
  5. Meddle? What is there to meddle with? Go ahead. You've got my curiosity now...

    and yes, i'm going back to my hometown. i can't stand raleigh.
  6. Ooooh, okay. I usually meddle in people's personal affairs, but I'll spare you this time. Will you be going back to your home town, or just closer to it than you are now?
  7. haha. i would hope so. yeah i'm a freshman. Next semester should be better. I'll be in a city I like, closer to my family, and the guy i've liked for what seems like forever has finally bitten the bait (metaphorically speaking of course...)

    so it'll all work out i hope.
  8. Yep, better hunker down next time. Are you a fresh...woman? The first semester of my freshman year was great, dean's list and all. Second semester, embarrassing at best. Just to show ya how fast things can turn around. Hopefully the other way for you.
  9. well... based on my last test, i'm probably gonna have to retake it anyway... so its whatever...

    i basically did a good job of screwing myself over this semester. fortunately, most colleges offer redos...
  10. Wooow, damn. You might as well just throw it all, and live like there's no tomorrow.
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