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  1. Ohhh, not bad. Quit playing games with my heart (with my heart, with my heart), woman.
  2. lol. no worries. i don't think things are quite as grim as they seemed. my friend's boss is supposed to call me tomorrow about coming in to start at subway. I won't be making as much but i also won't be dealing with all that shit at steaknshake.
  3. Sorry, I forgot.
  4. i don't have my ticket yet. I can't afford to buy one right now
  5. Yooooo. What section did you wind up in for that Charlotte show?
  6. Alrighty, thanks! I'll check 'em out when they finish downloading.
  7. ok. I reduced the treble in the two verse tracks and added in some bottom end. I just added some bottom end to the chorus part to make it a little heavier. let me know if it needs more.

    oh and i compressed 'em a bit. no need for 63 mb. they are now 23 (still a whole fucking lot.)
  8. k thanks! I'll download 'em and see what i can do with them when i get done teaching today.
  9. lol. yeah... maybe he'll go kind of easy on me.
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