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  1. where? i'm totally lost
  2. clearance fail... thats what we were talking about
  3. wait... huh?
  4. Lol. search it and then watch it. it's amazing
  5. haha. he's pretty damn annoying. and no i haven't
  6. I didn't think there'd be a more annoying person than Tyler Durden on here...

    And then OffspringHead came along...
  7. Lol. Sucks to be them

    Have you seen Clearance Fail?
  8. yeah, my bro sent me that link. i started laughing really really hard. I felt bad because my roommate was asleep and i was laughing sooooo loud.
  9. hahahahahahaha!

    I love failblog
  10. idk... i've seen some freaky shit... :P

    check this out!
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