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  1. Yeah... I'm fairly sure that eyeballs don't wear hats
  2. hahaha... bush... :P

    I think i need a better avatar to put a hat on...
  3. WOO!!!

    Canadian but it's still sweet! NO MORE BUSH.

    ...sooooo bored...
  5. haha nice

  6. I figured I'd make a splash and a big impression on all this forum people. Establish my self as a worthy noob! Without sounding all pretentious
  7. lol, look at the newest member . Sounds very like my friend... lol
  8. HAHAHA! True... true...
  9. He's rickycrack...
  10. oh well... i really don't like the _nvrfound part anyway... maybe more will be able to remember me now. wtf is rickycrack being such a douchebag for?
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