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  1. Are we still doing Amazed? I need the drums.
  2. ok ill record then.
  3. i have it. It won't fit with the drum machine. sorry.
  4. i might have guitar for rock bottom. im just going to see how that demo i did a while back fits (if disclaimer can find it), and if not ill record
  5. so.... simu?
  6. hahaha... well there is nothing wrong with that i think.
  7. I totally just realized that the chords for the verse of my song are the same chords as in the verse of Sublime's "Santeria", just a different strumming pattern. Oh wells.
  8. ok. i may be able to get them, it depends if i can go to my friends soon. but i doubt that
  9. yeah... but its real tedious... remind at a time when i'm on here bitching about being bored and i'll start on it for you. there are a bunch... they never seem to fit what i want but maybe you'll have some luck
  10. yeah i might look into that. or just some random samples. but ill probably stick to my method.

    unless theres a way that you could copy the drum samples from garge band for me? is there a way to do that?
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