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  1. i was gonna download a midi drum machine.
  2. haha. im thinking just hooking up my keyboard at some point and recording drum samples. no drums is defiantly a problem. but another problem is its kinda difficult to play a beat on keyboard, so i'll probaby have to record the drums and cymbals seperate then mix them. would you want copies of these samples if i ever make them?
  3. hahaha! I totally know the feeling... thats my problem with one of my songs... the other is just lacking some fillers like drums and a decent amp... *shrug*
  4. i know! its great. i just hope my lyrics wont reflect any of it. although, at the pace i write i probably wont even remember it!
  5. its funny how that works out. You can be super pissed and start to write and end up with something super cheery and viceversa. its great! song writing is just so unpredictable like that.
  6. It's coming along ok, I guess at about the same pace as I've always written songs. It's sounds kinda ska-ish.

    I just had a pretty hectic week though, so I had some motivation to write when I got out of it. I didn't think it would turn out having a happy vibe, not at all.
  7. not much on this end. I'm glad you've got yourself a new song in the works... I've got two right now that i am stuck on... hows it coming for you?
  8. Hey whats up? I started writing a song again!
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