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  1. haha! yeah... well.. mine is in a week... only reason to look forward to it is the time off...
  2. Thanks.
    Haha I already had thanksgiving lolol
  3. wow! kev i'm impressed with how much you've managed to learn in a month.
  4. cool kev! I'm downloading them now. Maybe I'll have a chance to do the guitar (and maybe even the bass if i feel inspired) over the thanksgiving break. I wonder if my new mic would be any better for recording the the drums, cause the built-in mic sounds like crap. lol
  5. Wee self esteem drums!

    lol. it took me like an hour, and i still messed up a few times. but it's not too bad.
  6. well thats very twisted of you...

    yeah... the awning landed on the front corner of the truck it seems
  7. Lol. apparently they survived i dont think so

    ... i'm still laughing...

    its a "fail" video?
  10. look down your VM page a bit. it's there
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