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  1. awwesome, yeah happy new year dude.
  2. yeah she is smoking hot!! njoy the new year all da best
  3. oh yeah cool, is she hot?
  4. so how u been bud? ive been good, bass going well and hooked up with an awesome chick!
  5. yeah dude thats cool.
  6. sup homey been hecticaly busy with stuff and band spot u soon
  7. yeah where ya been
  8. thats cool, its hard to write somthing original these days, everything been done lol
  9. yeah finally getting the lines down and sounding cool hope we get signed wen the gigging starts and c u wen tour australia. u still up aint it late there? its bout 11PM by me
  10. im not quiet, im just lazy
    u wrote a new bass line huh.
    thats cool. whats up
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